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Recommended Applications for Editing Video Cover Songs Today

Not many know that in the Google Playstore there are various applications that support the creativity of its users. One of them is the song cover video editing application that has become a treasure for some hobbyists in terms of remixing existing songs with their own musical creations.

The application is claimed to be able to help users to create cover songs even without complete equipment like a recording studio. The clarity of the voice and the features are not kidding, so that it becomes the main support for those who often do their hobbies.

Not many people know that producing song covers is actually very easy because in this modern era, everything is made easier. For those of you who like to recreate songs, it seems that you need the applications below so that the recording looks like a professional.

1. Music Maker JAM

The editor’s choice of music cover application from Google Play does not need to doubt the quality of its features. The first feature is Music Maker JAM provides various kinds of music genres according to the song cover desired by the user and matched to the original music rhythm.

For users who are really active in the world of covering songs, they should understand about remixing music according to the original. Another feature, this application can record very clear sound and then combine it with studio quality class with 8 tools to mix covers and music.

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2. FL Studio Mobile

You could say that FL Studio Mobile and Music Maker JAM are not much different, only in the appearance of the interface. For this application, it looks simpler but resembles the tools in the original recording study. From this model, it is easy for users to edit the cover.

It has a feature that allows users to record sound with the best quality because there are synthesizers, samplers, drum kits and sliced-loop beats. All covers will be saved in WAV and MP3 formats depending on what format the user wants the cover song to be in.

3. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

One application that makes users look like professionals when editing cover songs. This is because the interface tends to be luxuries, made similar to the tools in the original studio. However, the settings are easy, so there are many fans.

It has been downloaded by more than 1 million users, it is enough to prove the quality is very good in terms of editing song covers. There are two versions of the Audio Evolution Mobile Studio application, TRIAL which is free for users and paid. Both of them certainly have differences, one of which is in more complete features to buy it.

4. Speaker Studio

According to the tagline above, the Spreaker Studio application is prioritized for users who want to record their podcasts for content purposes. But it is possible, Spreaker Studio can also record song covers because its features tend to also refer to it.

In addition, a feature that is quite unique and exciting is the addition of sound effects when the user is in the process of recording. This brings the sound recording to life without adding any music to it. The addition of background music is useful for those of you who want to cover songs.

5. SunVox

The SunVox application is highly recommended for those of you who have just entered the world of song covers, this is because the interface is very detailed. Between musical instruments to the high sound of the recording is separated to make it easier for the user when editing according to the wishes of the user.

It’s better to use editing rhythm music that is not much different from the original music, because sometimes it makes a difference instead of producing a good cover but a strange song. Therefore, this application is useful for beginners in editing song covers with musical instruments.